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1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry  
    1989 Toyota Camry Review, Richard White, From Moraga, CA

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Toyota Camry V6

 ModelToyota Camry V6
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Well it certainly doesn't corner like my 1965 Corvair Corsa did! And the styling can only be described as boring! The manual adjusting mirrors are a bit of a pain.
 General comments?Has required minimal maintenance in 172K miles: new EGR valve under warranty, new front wheel bearings at 100K, new struts at 120K (I tried to save money and had Monroe's best put in. That was a mistake! Noisy, clunky), rebuilt alternator at 172K, plus brake pads and front brake rotors and the usual- one new battery (24F from Pep Boys - half the price of a Toyota battery)and three sets of tires. Incidentally, I went a size larger- to 205-50-15, on the tires. In summary, I love this car.
 Previous carFord Taurus. My wife drove a 1987 Ford Taurus- top of the line model- and it was a piece of junk- always breaking down (electronic problems) and in the shop for every imaginable ailment. I made a lifelong commitment to avoid Ford products!!

Review 1989 Toyota Camry Richard White, From Moraga, CA
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