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1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry  
    1989 Toyota Camry Review, Jennifer, From New Jersey

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Toyota Camry DX

 ModelToyota Camry DX
 What things have gone wrong with the car?I did have to have the starter replaced, but it wasn't very expensive. Being a teenager, I think I blew some of the speakers, and in the winter at the age of 10 the power door locks were very fickle. The rust was very noticeable on three spots on the roof, and the hood was definitely starting to peel, but I heard there was a problem with the paint, on the sparkly blue.
 General comments?It was my mom's car, and I received it in exchange for a family member's very ugly '92 Plymouth Acclaim I bought for $1,000. I loved it, power locks, door, windows...It survived a near drowning in a flood, after some electrical repairs, and 3 accidents, 2 minor, one where the door was replaced. I just sold it for $1,000 but only because it was a friend. It was worth about $2,000, more if the paint was not in such terrible condition. I would have gladly gotten a 2001 Camry, but they run around $25,000 and I can't afford that, plus the look has become that of a car that someone much older should drive.
 Previous carMy father owned a 1990 Carolla, with no power anything. It was a lot lighter to drive and he took better care of it than my mom did of her Camry. I just got a new 2001 Nissan Altima GXE lImited Edition, which I LOVE. While I had a great emotional attatchm

Review 1989 Toyota Camry Jennifer, From New Jersey
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