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UMW: Camry driving Toyota sales to 90,000 units

UMW Holdings Bhd's automotive sales are expected to hit 90,000 units this year on strong demand for its Toyota Camry passenger saloon, which has a five-month waiting list, its group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Dr Abdul Halim Harun said.

???‚¬?“Last week???‚¬?„?s order for the Camry was 2,600 units. We also received a good response for the Wish but the Yaris is not so, but generally that???‚¬?„?s expected,???‚¬ he told reporters following the launch of Toyota???‚¬?„?s 8 series forklifts in Shah Alam on Nov 9.

On the 40% tariff imposed by Thailand on Malaysia-assembled cars, Abdul Halim said the company continued to export the Camry there and would leave negotiations on the tariff issue to the authorities.

Meanwhile, UMW Industries (1985) Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of UMW, expects to increase its forklift market share from 51% to 55% with the launch of its new Toyota 8 series, its executive director Kuah Kock Heng said.

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UMW: Camry driving Toyota sales to 90,000 units
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