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The new Toyota Camry unveiled

BUSINESS temporarily came to a standstill in the

Capital City on Saturday when Toyota Malawi paraded a convoy of about seven state-of-the-art Toyota

Camry vehicles across the main streets, forcing people to put down their tools and watch the

spectacular procession.

Speaking at the launch of the new Camry,

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe commended Toyota Malawi for the complimentary services it provides to governments?? initiative of producing quality services.

???As Malawians, we have embarked on a path of growth and this is only possible if the products that we use are of good quality like this new Toyota Camry that we are launching today,??? said Gondwe.

Toyota Malawi Managing Director Rosemary Mkandawire said the new Camry was a real recipe for modern living and a combination of comfort, style, safety and value for money.

???Apart from its unique facilities, the new Toyota

Camry is environmental friendly since its uses

unleaded fuel hence our gratitude to the government of Malawi and petroleum organizations for making the

unleaded fuel available on the market,??? she said.

Mkandawire said it was great pleasure to Toyota

Malawi to proudly present the elegant and majestic new Camry that is available for viewing at the

Lilongwe and Blantyre showrooms.

According to Tender and Fleet Manager Richard

Makondi, the new Camry has a 2.4 litre engine

with an immobiliser and an AZFP??4 cylinder gasoline.

Makondi said the new Camry is capable of opening its

windows and sun roof using the remote control keys

and that the vehicle is also able to control its inside


Makondi said with a higher ground clearance of 6

inches the new Camry has got a cruise control.

The other facility attached to the new product is its

ability to automatically adjust its headlights

depending on the number of passenger traveling in the vehicle.

The launch of the new Toyota Camry was done in a grand style at an occasion graced by hundreds of business captains and government officials.

Malawi's Daily Times

The new Toyota Camry unveiled
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