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Pretty good value but way too many quality problems on delivery that were never fixed after repeated trips for warrantee service.
On delivery:
The tires and wheels were wrong for the option package that was on the car.(obviously swapped out by the dealer)

Brakes were spongy (this was fixed by bleeding)

Syncros clash shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear (never...

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The all-new and rejuvenated Toyota Camry: Setting new benchmark ...

Toyota Camry
Al-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributor for Toyota in the UAE, today announced the launch of the all-new and rejuvenated Camry.

The launch of this stunning new sedan took place at the prestigious new Toyota showroom at Dubai Festival City.

Present at the launch was Mr. Kenichiro Fuse, the Chief Engineer from the Development Centre in Japan, who led the team responsible for the design and development of the new Camry.

Colin Leitch, the Managing Director of Al-Futtaim Motors, said,

'The Camry has been the best-selling Large Sedan for many years, due to the very loyal following it has with Private buyers and Fleet Operators. This strong customer loyalty has been based on the Camry's class-leading reliability and quality, its spacious and comfortable interior, its drivability, low cost of ownership, high residual value and overall value for money. So when designing the new generation Camry, Mr. Fuse-San and his team had a really tough act to follow. And I am really pleased to say that they have done an outstanding job, and given us a new Camry that will enable us to remain the first-choice for large sedan customers.'

When developing the new Camry, the design team were very conscious of the fact that the pace and pressures of modern life and technological change that we are experiencing can make life very busy and stressful for us all, whether at work or home.

They therefore set themselves the challenge of designing a car that would be much more than just a car that met everyday motoring needs. They aspired to create a car that would rejuvenate the senses on every journey, and deliver the driver and passengers to their destination feeling refreshed and relaxed. So the new Camry has been designed to change not just the way people feel about their car, but also to change the way they feel. Hence the theme of the launch marketing communications: 'A Rejuvenated New Camry. A Refreshed New You.'

The Camry's athletic and advanced exterior styling sets it apart from other sedans, and stimulates a desire to want to get behind the wheel and drive. The spacious, comfortable and welcoming interior creates an anticipation of quality and driving pleasure. With a longer and wider cabin, the interior space provides ample leg and headroom for driver and passengers to relax and travel in comfort. While the highly efficient air-conditioning system, for which Camry is renowned, ensures that travelers arrive refreshed and revitalized.

Inside the new Camry is a welcoming driving environment that combines thoughtful features with simplicity and ease of operation. Every feature as been carefully designed to blend intuitive operation with functionality, enabling the driver to feel in complete control.

The key-less entry system enables the doors and trunk-lid to be unlocked from a distance, providing easy access especially when your hands are full. And the stylish exterior conceals a large trunk with a segment-leading luggage capacity.

Driving pleasure and performance are delivered by a responsive 2.4 litre engine, coupled with a new 5-speed automatic transmission, which provide the perfect balance of power, smooth acceleration, fuel economy and low emissions. The re-designed suspension system assures a comfortable, stable, safe and exceptionally quiet ride.

And for those that want an even more sporty drive, the Camry SE provides the solution. Its sports suspension gives it a road-hugging low stance, emphasized by front and rear spoilers, rocker panel mouldings, 17-inch aluminium wheels and low profile tyres. The sporty interior features unique seats, and has been designed to stir a desire to drive the moment you enter.

The new Camry continues the Toyota promise of providing an exceptionally safe driving experience for driver and passengers. It has standard driver and passenger airbags, together
with Anti-lock Brakes with Brake Force Distribution and Brake Assist. All complemented by its athletic body, which is as strong as it is stylish.

At the launch, Tony Barlow, the General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Al-Futtaim Motors, commented, 'We are really excited indeed about being able to bring this outstanding new Camry to UAE motorists. It successfully builds on the car's segment-leading heritage and long-proven customer benefits, and now delivers even more, setting new benchmark standards for large sedans. Around 85% of all the Camry's purchased in the UAE are purchased by Private Buyers and Fleet Operators. I am confident that these existing, loyal Camry owners will thoroughly enjoy the new Camry, and that drivers of competitive brands will now want to include it in their consideration list and take a test-drive'.

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The all-new and rejuvenated Toyota Camry: Setting new benchmark ...
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