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rattles, rattles, rattles. I have own toyotas all of my life and I was a loyal toyota fan. It troubled me to encounter this camry because service (which I have not had to count on in the past) was absolutely terrible. I traded in my 1999 solara for this camry. within two weeks, the rattles, knocks, creeping noises appeared. There were 4 areas noise...

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Marketing: Toyota Using Spanish "Candid Camera" To Push 2007 Camry

TORRANCE, Calif. ??” "Smile ??” you're on Camry-ality!"

It may sound like a mouthful ??” and who knows how it will translate into Spanish ??” but Toyota's U.S. arm announced on Friday that it will introduce a new Spanish-language advertising campaign on July 31 for the 2007 Camry that is inspired by the old Candid Camera TV show, as well as reality TV.

The campaign uses hidden cameras to catch passenger reactions to the new Camry. Comments and video footage are then used in the ad spots. The commercials are in Spanish with some lines in English, which will be subtitled into Spanish, the automaker said.

The campaign will debut on such outlets as Telemundo and Fox Sports Espa?±ol. The commercials will also be featured at the±ol Web site when the campaign launches.

What this means to you: We bet the Camry-ality outtakes ??” especially the blank looks ??” are funnier than what ends up seeing the light of day. Line

Marketing: Toyota Using Spanish "Candid Camera" To Push 2007 Camry
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