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* Quick acceleration. (For v6, not sure about the 4 cylinders).* Extremely reliable. Won't break down or have problems all the time like those poorly engineered American vehicles.* Just great customer service from the Toyota dealership.* Interior is very decent, far above my expectation.* I thought I am driving a Lexus es300 in this particular xle model...

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2007 Toyota Camry XLE Road Test

to any significant degree is the vehicle's size and pricing structure. Also, it remains front-wheel-driven while offering either a four or six cylinder powerplant depending on trim level. This week's tester is a top-of-the-line XLE, powered by the six-cylinder mill.

Regardless of trim level, the '07 Camry projects an image more inline with recent Lexus styling exercises. I find the car quite appealing from all angles except the front. For some reason its smile-shaped grille dominated by an intruding "Toyota" badge looks malformed to me. Apart from this single oddity, Toyota stylists succeeded in giving the staid sedan a more athletic, stimulating appearance- certainly more so than any preceding generation of Camry, and thank goodness. Some earlier editions were less inspiring than a leaky faucet, but "inspiration" isn't, nor has ever been, the Camry's raison d'??tre. As with Camrys of yore, the 2007 version is focused on the elusive pairings of comfort and refinement, and quality and value not arrhythmia-inducing

looks and performance as in Nissan's hotter Maxima. In fact I would describe today's Camry as the frugal person's Lexus, it's just that good. And of its many virtues, refinement stands-out most notably. Each press of the "push-to-start" button in my XLE tester reaffirmed this perception.

The leather-clad interior of the XLE is a classy joint that provides very impressive room for limbs of length and craniums of circumference. Looking and feeling more like Toyota's premium brand, Lexus, the Camry's cabin features high quality finishes and some tasteful touches, such as very convincing wood-like trim and centre stack, which provides a warm glow at night. Thanks to tilt and telescoping steering as standard equipment and infinitely adjustable front seats, it's


2007 Toyota Camry XLE Road Test
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